Saturday, September 22, 2007

"The doctrinal ignorance of the evangelical church is shocking, matched only by its cowardice... I fear"
-John MacArthur, from this sermon on Catholicism (right click save as on link)


Timothy said...

In addition to the doctrinal ignorance of the evangelican church, the mp3 points out the doctrinal ignorance of John MacArthur regarding the Catholic faith.

John starts out by calling Catholicism false. Well, we see why he has that point when he starts the doctrinal dance moments later and gets nearly every Catholic belief wrong.

veneration of angles - wrong

Mary elevated above Christ - wrong

everything sorted out in purgaory - wrong

sacrafice Christ over and over at mass - wrong

I didn't hear John get even one Catholic belief or doctrine right.
No wonder so many "Christians" have warped and distorted views of the Catholic Church. Folks like John are bearing false witness based on their outright ignorance of what Catholics really believe and teach.

As John considers Catholics to be a missionary field, then evangelicals, and John's flock in particular, are a Catholic missionary field. Let the sheep stealing begin.

God bless...

Jeff said...

Well I agree sometimes John takes the extremes of the doctrines, he is not usually far off from what the Church preaches...maybe not what every catholic believes.

Richard said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I just stumbled upon it today and it really is excellent. So glad to see a blog with teaching straight out of the Bible. I am looking forward to seeing more....
Keep up the Good work!

God Bless

Philip said...

Thanks for the kind words Richard. I am not naturally a reader and so doing this blog helps force me to stick with it and train myself to keep a book in hand.

Grace to you,