Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Necessity of Preaching Repentance

"Our ears have grown accustomed to hearing men told to 'accept Jesus as your personal Saviour,' a form of words which is not found in Scripture. It has become an empty phrase. These may be precious words to the Christian-'personal Saviour.' But they are wholly inadequate to instruct a sinner in the way to eternal life. They wholly ignore an essential element of the Gospel, namely repentance. And that necessary ingredient of Gospel preaching is swiftly fading from evangelical pulpits, though the New Testament is filled with it....

Paul confronted the intellectuals of Mars' Hill by preaching, 'God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent' (Acts 17:30). This was no optional note on the apostolic trumpet. It was the melody, the theme of their instructions to sinners. Merely to talk about "'accepting a personal Saviour' eliminates this crucial imperative."
-Walter Chantry, Today's Gospel:Authentic or Synthetic

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