Saturday, October 13, 2007

"The expression 'come to Christ' is a good one, but it is surrounded by much ignorance and confusion when it is made part of wrong methods of evangelism. What does that expression mean to its hearers? Surely it is necessary for sinners to come to Christ in order to be saved. But when a preacher calls sinners to the front of a church, while the congregation sets the mood by means of an 'invitational hymn,' it is likely that most hearers will equate coming to Christ with 'coming forward' or 'walking the aisle.'

If questioned about the matter, the preacher might say 'walking an aisle' does not save. Yet, at the same time, by his very language and methods, he is equating coming forward with 'coming to Christ,' an thus, many poor souls are deceived."
-Ernest Reisinger, Today's Evangelism

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