Thursday, October 4, 2007

Free Audiobook: "The Life of David Brainerd"

I noticed this over at Old Truth

(For FREE download- go here, click add to cart, register for free at the site, enter the coupon code OCT2007)

Here's a temporary link that I'll leave posted for a short while. I actually paid for this audiobook a couple of years ago, but for October only - you can have it as a free download. The product description reads: "Though he was orphaned at age fourteen, repeatedly struck with debilitating illnesses, and unfairly expelled from college, Brainerd allowed nothing to deter him from serving God wholeheartedly. He traveled thousands of miles by horseback across treacherous terrain to preach the gospel to remote Indians. His calling required a rugged man - he even slept outside in the cold without cover - yet he constantly displayed a gentle and meek love for people entirely different from himself. Their benefit ultimately brought about his early death at the age of twenty-nine." Load it onto your iPod or play it over your PC speakers; it's yours to keep. If you prefer to have an actual book, Tom Chantry has also recommended this one to me, which profiles David Brainerd as one of 5 pioneer missionaries.

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