Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not Human Philosophy or Science, but Preach the Gospel

"I believe that the Bible was sent not to teach me history, but to teach me grace---not to give me a system of philosophy, but to give me a system of divinity---not to teach worldly wisdom, but spiritual wisdom. Hence I hold all preaching of philosophy and science in the pulpit to be altogether out of place. I would check no man's liberty in this matter, for God only is the Judge of man's conscience; but it is my firm opinion that if we profess to be Christians, we are bound to keep to Christianity; if we profess to be Christian ministers, we drivel away the Sabbath-day, we mock our hearers, we insult God, if we deliver lectures upon botany, or geology, instead of delivering sermons on salvation. He who does not always preach the gospel, ought not to be accounted a true-called minister of God."

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