Monday, October 29, 2007

No Such Thing As A Carnal Christian

"In a panic over this phenomenon, the evangelicals have invented the idea of 'carnal Christians.' These are said to be folks who have taken the gift of eternal life without turning from sin. They have 'allowed' Jesus to be there Savior; but they have not yielded their life to the Lord. Trying to patch up faulty evangelism, the church has adopted a faulty follow-up. It defends the questionable experiences of men and women as conversion and holds out the added carrot of 'victorious life' to those who will take a second step. Well, the rich young ruler would gladly have been a 'carnal Christian'. Wouldn't he delight to be assured of eternal life while serving the devil on earth? Needless to say, the Bible know of no such grotesque creature as one who is saved but unrepentant. No illegitimate sons will enter God's kingdom. They must have faith as their mother. But they must also have repentance as their father."
-Walter Chantry, Today's Gospel Authentic or Synthetic

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