Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Paul Washer: The Good News

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Martine Dinsmore said...

The Biblical perspective on sin that Paul Washer was able to convey is profound to my walk with MY LORD. Making Jesus "the Christ" MY LORD has been but a fanciful idea all my Christian life. I've been clueless. But mostly unrepentant. Go figure . . . and I'm a Christian? Just yesterday I downloaded and listened to PW's MCS messages 1-3 that I titled Are The Laws of God Written on Your Heart?, Crushed for our Transgressions and The Narrow Way from I am humbled even humiliated. I can't hardly lift my face off the ground. And I won't get up until I've overcome a couple sins I MUST be rid of. By the Grace of God, I WILL OVERCOME! It almost feels like the blood of Christ flows through theses messages to give them a pulse, life. These are a MUST listen for anyone who feels they're not being chastised of the LORD. Oh to be a Jacob!