Friday, November 2, 2007

"Look What I Found, Money!"

Ray Comfort's Living Waters website has some creative million dollar bill gospel tracts that I recently placed an order for. I sell on eBay and I thought that these would be great for slipping into the packages before I ship them out. This is not likely something that someone will passover or disregard, it looks like real money, and people get excited about finding money! I have not been a tract guy in the past but have increasingly been burdened to share the truth of the Gospel with whoever I come across, in person or not. While we don't always have the time or convenience to sit down and go through the Scripture with someone, tracts can be a great thing to leave with someone to get them thinking, always praying that God may be at work in the hearts that receive them.

Does anybody have any cool experiences with tracts or any good ideas on getting them distributed? Post a comment!

P.S. I also picked up some similar crumpled bill booklets


brandon said...

Hey there, i really enjoy your blog.

We have a small group that goes downtown oklahoma city every friday night and we mainly use those million dollar bill tracts. They are super easy to use and it makes it very simple to talk to anyone. We usually just walk up to people hold out the million dollar bill and ask them if they have seen a million dollars. i usually ask them if they want it and everyone takes it and then i say, it has a good person test on the back, do you think you are a good person...and just go from there..

Philip said...

Thanks Brandon, the novelty of the bills does make a good ice breaker, may God bless your street ministry there in OKC.

Anonymous said...

I was up to Edinboro university preaching on campus and talked to a student who couln't talk long because of a class so I just slipped him one called "Why Christianity" I have givin out hundreds at local parades, fairs and such and are just as good most of the time as a good session of one 2 one. I want to thank you for helping show those of us who are wondering how well a man centered church works. Bill Hybels explains it well. The sad part is he and his listeners poke fun at the "self feeder" and they call men like me mean spirited who care for the lost enough to go open air with the gospel because it will "turn a prospective believer off from church because its to confrontational." Keep up the good work.

Jonathan Vandor said...

G'day Philip, great blog,
I use the million dollar notes (Australian version) and I like to drop them in the supermarket, the bank, the post office and realestate office... infact you can leave them anywhere knowing that it will catch somebody's eye and they'll pick it up! I've even had people come up to me and ask if I have anymore! Out of all the gospel tracts I use this one is the one I run out of first... that reminds me... I need to order some more :)
God Bless

Mtnspinner said...

Tracks are a great way to open the door. If you go to this site and look for the little audio message titled "small works" listen to it. You will be so encouraged about your tract ministry:)