Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Decisionism: A Christian Mother's Confession

"The following letter is a yet living Christian mother's actual confession, which could be duplicated ten thousand times. This letter illustrates the typical error of evangelistic zeal without doctrinal understanding. Note well, 'I pressed him into a decision.'"

A Christian Mother's Confession
When I saw my son going deeper and deeper into crime and rebellion of every kind, I became so anxious for his soul to be saved---thus delivering from evil---I pressed him into a 'decision for Christ.' He said the 'sinner's prayer,' but his life style unto this present time has not changed, but now he is bitter towards God for he says, 'God let him down.'
-Ernest Reisinger, Today's Evangelism

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Big Al said...

"but now he is bitter towards God for he says, 'God let him down.'"

His bitterness towards God is dust in the balance should he be one that God has graciously called to salvation. God's plan is going forward exactly as He determined in eternity past. This son's bitterness only serves to highlight God's soverign saving power.