Sunday, December 9, 2007

If Election Is True, Why Evangelize?


Reformed Servant said...

This is a quote from Todd Friel, the Host of way of the master. I cant get him to answer me if he is reformed or not. He doublespeaks CONTSTANTLY. Here is the quote from his most recent DVD called Decisions Decisions. Is this an arminian statement? Or just something to mask his identity.

"You dont make a decision to become a Christian. (says to himself "what? Dont I make a decision?") Ya sure you make a decision that God is Holy, your a sinner, Jesus died on the cross he rose from the dead I need to repent and trust. I decide thats true, but thats as far as your decision goes. And when you humble yourself, God makes a decision to save you. (I am not talking about election here theologians") I am talking about who is in control of salvation. God is going to get all of the credit.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

As far as I know he is reformed.