Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye, Bye Now, And Here's Your Bottle!

"Knowing the power of this gospel, I am willing to put myself on record that I would rather be preached to by a converted car thief than be lulled to death by the educated gentleman who have reduced Christianity to nothing more than a psychology of comfort. Even their church ads woo men and women with the appeal, 'Come to church and be comforted.'

Brothers and sisters in Christ's church, you do not want consolation and comfort---you want to know the facts, you want to know where you stand before God Almighty!

In recent days I have had two persons come to me personally to tell me that my preaching has been cutting them to pieces, making them miserable and desirous of something better God has for them in their lives.

I think that is a beautiful thing and I thank God that I am worthy of that. People should not come to Christ and His church with the expectation that all spiritual problems are consummated in comfort and consolation. If that is all people want in their church going, they will find a large number of preachers waiting to rock them to sleep with their consolation, 'Bye, bye now, and here's your bottle!'"
-A.W. Tozer, Who Put Jesus On The Cross

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