Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Graham Formula

The Graham Formula is a 30 minute video presentation based on the book by Patrick McIntyre. The video description states, "by explaining the evolution of the altar call and salvation prayer, McIntyre identifies why most Americans think they are born again."

Player Settings: This ~30 minute message contains 7 segments and is set to play in order right after another, no need to search for the next segment or click on anything after first pressing play.

(My apologies about the white space on the player, I could not figure out how to remove it when resizing.)


Robert W said...


I had to go to YouTube to see the videos...I think your link is messed up. Thanks for the heads-up.

I have some comments on the videos. I tried to post these comments at YouTube also, but they have a comment limit of 500 characters, apparently aimed at cretins who can't compose complete sentences and transmit complex thoughts.

In the video, Charles Finney is held up as an example of orthodox evangelism. I strongly disagree with that aspect of the presentation. Finney might be the father of the notion that persons can be “talked into” salvation.

I encourage viewers of this video to read what Finney taught regarding regeneration in his “Systematic Theology” (Lecture XXVIII. Regeneration, found at, paying particular attention to:

IV. “What regeneration is not.” where Finney expresses the purely Pelagian idea: “…as the sinner has all the faculties and natural attributes requisite to render perfect obedience to God. All he needs is to be induced to use these powers and attributes as he ought.”

And: VII. “Agencies employed in regeneration.” where he quotes John 1:15 (“…born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”) and then promptly disputes it.

And if that Lecture doesn’t give you a sufficient headache, try the Lecture on Justification ( ). I have read that Finney was a competent lawyer, but I don’t think he understood from Job that God can’t be lawyered.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

Oh I agree with you Robert. I think most of the problems started with Finney from what I've researched. You can see the slow declination from each generation of pastors that came after him. Lane has some good YouTube videos on Finney.

I think the link has been fixed, but let me know if not.

Rob said...

The subject of Billy Graham's way of evangelization is a touchy one. To start, he once preached hard about repentence. He reached many, many millions and probably is responsible (by The Holy Spirit) of thosands if not tens of thousands of true converts. God only knows. I have a hard time believing that he truly holds to desisional regeneration as much as heading the call. Many in older generations were not as poisoned as today's culture by emergent and seeker freindly methods. I can't speak out about the man in good conscience. Otherwise, the video segments are very good.

Rob said...

Another point. The videos site DL Moody as the last great evangelist. What about Spurgeon.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

I have done little research on Graham but it seems that he was much more biblically sound in his call to salvation in his younger days. If the video is accurate, the methods he used later on were more for the sake of practicality rather than discerning if the Spirit of God had done a work in an individual. Graham has also went the way of Clark Pinnock and Tony Campolo which believes in a 'wider mercy' view that says that those that have never even heard the gospel or the name of Jesus can be saved whether they are buddist or muslim or atheist. For the sake of unity, Graham also embraces the Catholic church as part of the body of Christ.

Doesn't Graham have a radio program called- "The Hour of Decision" where people are told they are part of God's family after repeating a prayer?

See this part of his site below, looks like decisional regeneration to me.