Monday, January 21, 2008

How Can We Biblically Explain Hell?

What is the point of hell? Why is it infinite? How can we properly understand this from a biblical God-centered point of view? Listen as Jim McClarty addresses comments made on the Bible Answer Man radio show on the doctrine of hell.

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dlytle said...

That was an outstanding explanation. You hit the very center of the bullseye. No other explanation could glorify God more.

revdrhuss said...

Not that I don't agree... But this sounded arrogant - not because it was "offensive-to-the-flesh" theology, but it sounded as if you were making fun of those living in deceit or who don't know as much as you know. It was far from compassionate. There's nothing that I find more offensive than "Reformed thinkers" coming off as ungracious sovereigns. There are REASONS - good ones - that people wrestle with the doctrine of hell. As one brother to another - remove the post and try again.