Friday, January 4, 2008

Market-Driven Church

[Quote transcribed from this message. Alistair is referring to young preachers in this portion of the audio]

"If they used as much... if they used 5% of the imagination involved in creating this roadshow that they've got going in their church to seriously understand the Bible and convey it, they would be amazed at what God would do by His Spirit.

So we've got to hold the standard high, we've got to hold it first for ourselves.

'People wont listen to preaching so what we need to do is look at advertising, look at the way they package it, look at the world of entertainment, look and see how they do it.'

But the question when our worship services are over is not how much did the pagan enjoy that. The question is how much did they learned from that? Not how electric was the atmosphere but how clear was the Gospel?

It's simply not true to say that people won't listen to preaching. If people are being awakened spiritually to their need of God they will listen, and if they're not, then no amount of gospel entertainment or evangelistic gimmickry will make them listen.

So, If God's not gonna do it God's way, then its not gonna be done."
-Alistair Begg

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