Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Theology Talk: Jim McClarty and Jeff Young of GCA, "Is Calvinism Dangerous?"

In this audio series, Jim McClarty and Jeff Young of Grace Christian Assembly begin a very thorough and precise biblical defense of Calvinism as they respond to an anti-Calvinist message that had been preached in a nearby baptist church.
There are a total of (5) 1 hour long segments in this series of talks responding to the other pastor's message. If you have questions about reformed theology (Calvinism) or are stumped by passages that would seem to point against it, I would highly recommend you check out all 5 hours of these talks as Jim and Jeff clear up the common misconceptions about Calvinism while giving a careful apologetic for it.

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part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

YouTube Player settings: The audio is sliced in 10 minute segments and is set to play in order right after another, no need to search for the next segment or click on anything after first pressing play. Enjoy!


Eduardo said...

Thanks Phillip for this great post. I learned a lot from this analysis. I will wair for the other critique on Romans 9. Nicely done with the players.

Eduardo said...

Thanks Philip for this great work. I learned a lot from both of these theologians. Hope they post the other analysis on Romans 9. Nicely done with the players btw.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

Your welcome Ed, thanks for all of your your help.

Lane Chaplin said...

Philip, is this part of a podcast? If so, do you have the link so I can subscribe?

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

I am a bit behind on my technology as I am not too familiar with podcasting just yet. But it appears they do offer it, here is the link.

Lane Chaplin said...

Thanks, Philip. I got this one to work by putting it in manually.

Lane Chaplin said...

I just finished them tonight. Absolutely wonderful. It makes me ashamed to have attended an Arminian church. One of the things that Peter said was to "be ready to be able to give an answer to the hope that lies within you." It was pretty clear throughout (especially on one of the last comments about Jacob and Esau) that the Arminian position only exerts their "free" will enough to be able to give subjective opinions. I'm glad you pointed this series out, Philip. I listened to another of Jim Mclarty's sermons on his blog, and it was wonderful, too.

Todd said...

Fantastic job refuting the Arminians! I found the poor exegesis on the part of the pastor of the New Vision Baptist Church to be deeply disturbing. I tend to consider the Calvinism-Arminian debate to be interesting but academic, but after hearing both the ineptness of those pastors in interpreting the Word of God as well as their unwillingness to conform their theology to what the Bible actually says (instead of changing the Bible to what they would like it to say), I realize that this debate is of critical importance. As a Baptist, I am embarrassed that my fellow Baptists (professional pastors!) have so little skill in handling the scriptures. May God have mercy on those men for setting such a poor example for their congregations and for leading them away from scripture and into error. I can't wait to hear your other programs! Again, keep up the good work.

PS -- The only thing I didn't like in your broadcast was during the end when one of you said, "I can't worship a God like that." I hear Arminians say this quite a bit and it sends chills down my spine to think that we can decide whether God is worthy of worship or not. We should worship God in truth regardless of whether the scriptures prove Calvinism or Arminianism to be true.

t6guy said...

I think Jim and Jeff did a wonderful job of explaining to anyone willing to listen (both those that have ears to hear & those that don't) of the differences between the two positions. I'm a simple minded person who needs to have it "brought down" to a level of understanding that even I can adhere to - which they have done both tactfully and respectfully, all the while keeping the "context is king" attitude in its proper context. Ha Ha!:) I look forward to "hearing" more. God Bless.

Sabrina said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful post. I´ve learnt a lot from it and besides, I`ve found that both of you have been very accurate and clear in your anserws.

Please forgive me if there are any spelling mistakes since english is not my mother tongue.

God bless you!!