Friday, March 14, 2008

The Danger of a False Convert

"An almost Christian is one of the most hurtful creatures in the world; he is a wolf in sheep's clothing: he is one of those false prophets, our blessed Lord bids us beware of in his sermon on the mount, who would persuade men, that the way to heaven is broader than it really is; and thereby, as it was observed before, "enter not into the kingdom of God themselves, and those that are entering in they hinder." These, these are the men that turn the world into a luke-warm Laodicean spirit; that hang out false lights, and so shipwreck unthinking benighted souls in their voyage to the haven of eternity. These are they who are greater enemies to the cross of Christ, than infidels themselves: for of an unbeliever every one will be aware; but an almost Christian, through his subtle hypocrisy, draws away many after him; and therefore must expect to receive the greater damnation."
-George Whitefield

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Bill said...

This is so true - Jesus said that there would be tares in the church, and the Spirit also said through the apostle Paul that from among the church itself men would rise up, speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after their perversion, and what greater perversion is there than a "religiosity" that mimics pure and undefiled religion, which itself must come from a spirit made alive while it was yet dead, and that by God?

We can no more do the things of God than the rich young ruler could, but with God, He changes us and does His good will within and through us.

I believe the most subtle and insidious lie taught today is that there is some intrinsic worth in man which God appeals to, or that God enlightens that natural man which He tells us will not understand the things of His Spirit, and from this all manner of more obvious lies have been taught.

The fruits of such teaching are among us, and will be more so, but I praise God that all is as He wills, in all things, always and forever - to Him and our Lord Jesus Christ be the glory - let us pray for His unadulterated truth, not any version of man's tradition being taught as such, that the unity of the Spirit and the faith may be preserved among His people in the bond of peace and the bond of His perfect love for His people He died for.

In Him, by Him alone,