Saturday, March 29, 2008

Head Scratching Quote

from Norman Geisler in Chosen But Free

"Those who believe are enabled by God to be drawn to Him."

James White responds, "To be honest, this makes no sense. It sounds like it is saying that being 'drawn' to God is not salvific: that is, it is more like 'drawing nearer to God' in devotion or some such thing. In any case, the meaning surely has nothing whatsoever to do with the text: obviously, coming to Christ is believing in Him: they are synonymous in John. So this passage (John 6) is not saying that God 'draws' believers into a closer relationship with Christ. Instead, it is saying that no man is able to come to Christ in faith unless drawn by the Father, and that all who are drawn are raised up, or all that the Father gives the Son will come to the Son in saving faith. This coming is obviously the act of saving faith, for Jesus says that the one who comes to Him He will not cast out."

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Dan Cartwright said...

Must be about John 6:44? I'll never forget when I quit playing the prodigal son (only I called it ODF [out 'dere flappin']status. and quit trying to be a Christian and run my own life (it was miserable)and surrended it all to my Lord. For a few months, He let me think 'I' made the decision and then hit me with John 6:44. It was crystal clear what it said - the Father drew me to the son. Later I found out I had become a Calvinist. We mortals seem to be very skilled in trying to fit the clear teaching of scripture into our own theologies.