Monday, March 17, 2008

Pastor McClarty discusses the nature of the atonement

Part 1



Pastor Jim said...

For years, the little church in Smyrna dug in its heels and labored in relative obscurity while encountering the "slings and arrows" that come with preaching God's free and sovereign grace. Then suddenly Reformed Voices started posting videos on YouTube and our listenership has gone through the roof. The message is reaching out in ways we've never before encountered and the response has been truly overwhelming.

I admit that I'm humbled and amazed at God's ability to join common hearts and minds together in order to advance His word and His Son. I just want to thank Phil and Reformed Voices for all the effort and goodwill. I cannot explain what an encouragement you've been to GCA and to me personally.

God willing, we'll meet one day and I'll be able to thank you face to face. If not, I'll look for you around the throne.

Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace.

Jim McClarty

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

Thank you for the kind words Pastor Jim. After listening through some of your sermons a couple months back, I just had to share them with the readers here. I remember telling Lane (a fellow reformed blogger and youtuber) that you need to be heard by a larger audience because you have been greatly blessed with an ability to communicate the truths of God and His sovereign grace in an impactful and captivating way.

I pray that God will continue to bless GCA there in Smyrna and their listeners around the globe.

Please feel free to help moderate any comments on youtube from your audio clips.

Yes, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace... it means more and more each day.

Robert said...

I thank you for posting Pastor Jim's materials.

You are right when you say that this kind of solid preaching has to be heard by more than just the folks in TN.

I'll look forward to more!