Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Works Salvation?

There are a few folks on youtube who accuse Paul Washer of teaching a works-based salvation. I find this frustrating because if you have listened to any of Washer's sermons for any amount of time, you will come away with the exact opposite impression. Washer stresses that true conversion will result in a changed life, and that if your desire for God, hatred towards sin, passion for His word, and concern for holiness is no different than the rest of the lost world after your "decision for Christ", then there is good reason to believe that God has not done a work in you. Washer also warns that you should not base your salvation on a prayer you prayed when you were little or walking an aisle during an altar call.

AndrewcBain is the primary proponent for attacking Washer on this topic along with claims that:
  • Washer believes repentance and faith are a work that we do to earn salvation (this is disproved in HeartCry's newest magazine edition, issue 56 pg.7
  • Washer does not teach that Christ's righteousness is placed to our account in justification
I find it interesting that most comments from youtubers supporting Mr. Bain come from users with sparse profile pages with nothing except AndrewcBain's profile and videos listed as favorites.

This may be a futile exercise to defend Washer or others from each and every attacker, but Andrew's videos just cross the line because they are so blatantly false in their presentation of his beliefs.

I am looking for the sermon by Washer where he asks "why did Jesus have to live all those 30+ years before dying on the cross?" He then goes to explain that it is because he had to fulfill the requirement of the law in perfection in order for his righteousness to be placed on our account.


JM Vergara said...

I cannot help but question the spirit of Mr. Andrew's actions. Is it because of an adamant desire to defend "Truth", but if so, doesn't he realize that Mr. Washer does preach the truth?

I am forced to conclude that he cannot hear nor understand the preaching of God's Word through Mr. Washer.

It would be interesting to find out the influences of Mr. Andrew to come up to such assertions.

Indeed he has crossed the line multiple times... sometimes I think that he's just driven by his depravity... but then again, let's leave it up to God.

Jfranklin6 said...

Many people attempt to say this, but why?

Could it be that if it true that God saves, and not only saves but changes a man, then saved men MUST be changed.

If such a thing is true, then many men are not saved. That truth cuts deep, and will, one day or another, cut into us all.

Tom said...

Hey Phillip,
When I hear Mr. Bain's cooments and interpretations of Paul's sermons, I just can't understand how he comes up with the things he does. Paul Washer is the farthest thing from a "works salvation" preacher I've ever heard.
About the sermon your looking for; I've listened to a lot of Washer sermons, and I don't remember ever hearing him say that. Lane Chaplin brought it up too, but I can't remember it.
You might want to ask Matt Haney about it. He knows Paul, he attends Grace Community Church; they post a bunch of Paul's sermons on SermonAudio. His YouTube name is MattSanAntonio, his website is You should ask him, I'm sure he's listened to many, many Washer sermons. Later

Tom said...

Hey Phillip,
In my earlier comment, Instead of "cooments", I meant "comments"
Ah well, these things happen.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...
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Philip@ReformedVoices said...

No worries Tom.

When school is out I hope to re-listen through the Washer sermons I've saved on my computer and I may find it.

I am not sure if Mr. Bain (as a British guy) is just misunderstanding all the American reformed pastors he is attacking or what his actual beef is with them.