Thursday, May 1, 2008

Emerging Trends

The new book from Emergent Erwin McManus of Mosaic appears to be on par with a Joel Osteen release.

from Thomas Nelson Publishing

"Renowned speaker and church visionary Erwin McManus unfolds the eight essential attributes needed to achieve the life of your dreams.

In Wide Awake, Erwin McManus opens readers' eyes to see the eight crucial attributes of those who achieve the life of their dreams. It is every person's responsibility to discover and develop the gifts given to them by God. McManus writes, "The future is not waiting for us, it is waiting within us." The world is desperate for the best each person can offer-if they would only relentlessly pursue and achieve it.

The eight characteristics are: Dream, Explore, Adapt, Create, Invest, Enjoy, Focus, and Expect."

To quote WOTM's Todd Friel, "What verse is that?"


Joel Lee said...

I grown to despise these emerging trends so much that even reading about them makes me sick. I'm not saying that I hate the people leading these trends nor do I believe that every one of those leaders are unregenerate (though it is possible that a great majority of them are).

However, I do hate the trend itself. During my high school years and prior to my conversion, my youth leader taught from the Purpose Driven Life and similar books. Not knowing any better at the time, I soaked it all in and the resulting life I lead was completely dishonoring to God.

I praise God that He saved me! I thank God for Christian resources, such as your blog, to help me learn to discern sound doctrine from false doctrine.

These emerging trends need to be stopped.

CJ said...

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