Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prophecy and God's Promises

In this audio clip, Pastor Jim McClarty tells of his transition to reformed soteriology and the relative ease he had with the concept of an absolutely sovereign God based on his prior studies in eschatology. Unlike most reformed folks though, Jim strongly holds to a premillenial rather than an amillenial view of eschatology. Pastor Jim has compiled a comprehensive 112 hours of messages on prophecy and eschatology at the archive section of GCA. Although eschatology isn't the prime area of focus for Reformed Voices, this post will serve as landing place for comments on the new Examining Amillenialism page as seen on the new sidebar button. There you will find historical studies on amillenialism and premillenialism along with Pastor Jim's responses to some of the past and present leading proponents of amillenialism.

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