Sunday, June 29, 2008


"The greatest mission field on the face of the earth is Southern Baptist Churches, because so many of the people in there have no godliness about them, no passion for Christ, no desire to know His Word, and so on and so forth... but they are secure because one time they prayed a prayer and asked Jesus to come into their life and not only that, they stay in church not because of Christ but because of the entertainment."
-Paul Washer


Jessica said...

I've listed to this before. My favorite quote is this: "No where does Jesus Christ or any of the apostles preach the Gospel and then afterwards cry out, "Who wants to receive Jesus? Lift up your hand and pray this prayer." They (instead) command all men everywhere to repent, to turn from their sin, to believe the Gospel, to cast themselves on the Gospel, to cut away themselves from every hope in any good work and throw themselves only upon the mercy of God in Jesus Christ. Decisionism. The hour of decision is wrong. It's wrong". ~Paul Washer

lifecypha said...

I have to echo that Jessica. It's crazy blind to the obvious we are sometimes. Paul Washer has a way of bringing these obvious truths out.