Thursday, July 24, 2008

Altar Calls and Backsliding

"Careful students of evangelism have noticed that where the necessity of public action as a part of conversion has been most emphasized there has been a corresponding increase in the God-dishonoring record of so-called 'backsliding'; and this is natural. The covenant of God is to keep eternally all who are truly saved, and there are no other provisions, than the one way of salvation by Christ's willing substitution, whereby God can be just and still be the justifier of a sin-cursed soul. To attempt to 'come unto God' on the grounds of a public performance, even with great earnestness, is but to fail, and the misguided soul who makes that attempt, when his hope has proven false, is often the hardest to reach thereafter."
-Lewis Sperry Chafer


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This is a great quote, thanks for posting it!