Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reformed Warnings

In response to the current resurgence of Reformed theology is an effort amongst more and more mainstream evangelical pastors at attempting to make their congregations aware of what Calvinism is all about. In the video clips below, James White responds to one such presentation on Calvinism given recently at Houston's First Baptist Church, a mega church in Texas.

Part 1

Part 2

A quote from part 2

"If your heart is grieved when you see the Church turned into a place that's entertaining, a place where you have to try to trick people to come through the door with a dog and pony show, you are seeing the result of that theology. If you can't trust the Spirit of God to apply the gospel of Christ to the hearts of His elect people and bring them to salvation, you're gonna have to start reaching around for something else, and that's what we see today. Theology matters."
-James R. White

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JM Vergara said...

Thank you for posting this, Phil. I'm glad that, by God's grace, I got to hear this message. I'll be re-posting this on my blog.