Saturday, July 5, 2008

There is a Reformation Occurring

"You see young men listen to me, there is a reformation going on in this country. There is a real reformation. I'm not talking about the church growth six flags over Jesus entertainment type of reformation or revival. I'm not talking about the media charismatic type of revival. But I travel all over this country, I travel all over the world, I visit many universities and I am seeing quite an amazing thing, that even in secular universities when I go there to speak, I see 100-150 young men and women reading Edwards and Spurgeon and more importantly the Apostle Paul and reading him rightly.

There is a reformation occurring. And God has done it, and He will do it."

-Paul Washer, from the sermon Regeneration and Self-Denial


lifecypha said...

That is awesome. May God be glorified! Seeing nearly 5000 pastors from all over the nation at T4G 2008 was also encouraging.

Jon said...

I just listened to the sermon from which this is taken and it is an encouragement and challenge to me. I would recommend listening to the whole thing.