Friday, August 29, 2008

The Election of Grace

"Were it not that God had chosen some,
heaven would have none."

-Elder D.J. Ward from this message given at the 2007 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference

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Pastor Jim said...

I was elated to see Elder Ward's face on Reformed Voices this morning. He was my mentor in more ways than I can count and his ability to turn a phrase was the stuff of legend. We used to call them "Ward-ism's."

For most of my theological life I was a teacher/communicator. But, Elder Ward taught me to be a pastor. He was a grand fellow; full of life, quick to laugh, fiercely devoted to the gospel of grace, and capable of selflessness in ways I had not imagined. He carried me on his shoulders through some of my darkest days. As I've often said, he was one of the few men I would run across a parking lot to kiss.

Quick story: In 2000, Elder (along with David Morris) officiated my ordination. I had several preaching friends from around the country in attendance. Some had never heard Elder Ward, so I specifically requested that he preach a message as part of the service. Afterward, an associate from Alabama commented, "I'm a preacher. But, that's a man of God."

That pretty much sums it up.

Jim McClarty