Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overcoming Coldness in Prayer

"A brother recently asked me what was the best way to overcome coldness of heart and a 'bound' spirit when he sought to pray. I told him to begin praising the Lord as soon as he dropped upon his knees, and if he could think of nothing else, to commence by thanking him that he was not already in Hell. I read recently of a handsome young man who returned from the war minus his right arm. His friends and relatives gathered together to commiserate him and were bewailing his loss. He turned to them and said, 'Help me to praise God that I still have my left arm!'"
-A.W. Pink, Letters of Arthur W. Pink


Puritan said...

Another great post brother, thank you

Tom said...

Thanks for posting this Phillip. Very Helpful!

mscant24 said...

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