Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink's Study Methods

"In my early years I assiduously followed this threefold course: first, I read through the entire Bible three times a year (eight chapters in the Old Testament, and two in the New Testament daily.) I steadily persevered in this for ten years, in order to familiarize myself with its contents, which can only be done by consecutive reading. Second, I studied a portion of the Bible each week, concentrating for ten minutes (or more) each day on the same passage, pondering the order of it, the connection between each statement, seeking a definition of the important terms in it, looking up all the marginal references, being on the look-out for its typical significance. Third, I meditated on one verse each day; writing it out on a slip of paper in the morning, memorizing it, consulting it at odd moments through the day; pondering separately each word in it, asking God to open for me its spiritual meaning and to write it on my heart. The verse was my food for that day, meditation standing to reading as mastication does to eating.

The more some such method as the above be followed out, the more shall we be able to say, 'thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path' [Ps 119:105]."

-A.W. Pink, from Letters of A.W. Pink


bandobras said...

very impressive, but how can someone do that, who has a lot of work to do? Does someone have to go into the ministry to do something like that? How are you guys here doing your daily bible study?

SirNicolaus said...

wake up earlier, on breaks read, audio version of the bible is what i use listen to it all the time

if you never "take" the time you will never have the time