Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cultural Sensitivity- To The Wind With It

"All this emergent church stuff, much of the church growth stuff, all the cultural sensitivity throwing out the window biblical sensitivity, it's just a bunch of little boys wanting to play church without the power of God on their life, and I'll stand on that statement. It's a lesser than David trying to fit himself in Saul's armor. To the wind with it. The more you trust in the arm of the flesh, the less you're going to see of the power of God."
-Paul Washer

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HiTechT said...

Of all the quotes re: the emergent nonsense, this one is the best. Playing (very apt classification) without the power of God is indeed all it is. Very sad commentary on our society that it is as popular as it is. It is blasphemous garbage. To the wind with it, indeed.