Monday, December 22, 2008

Book Giveaway

*Updated for Winners in orange
If the winners would send your full shipping address to , I'll get these shipped out asap. Thanks for checking out Reformed Voices and I hope you enjoy the books.

This Momentary Marriage, John Piper
Joshua Klein 04676

Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan
Austin Ross 45750

Justification and Regeneration, Charles Leiter
Josh Crook 82414

The Autobiography of George Muller
Matthew Lautensack 38305

Thanks once again to Charles and Mona Leiter of Lake Road Chapel for providing books for me to give away here. I will do a random drawing for each book on Monday, Dec 29.

I'll cover shipping, no purchase necessary. Each book will have a different winner.

Some basic guidelines:
  • U.S. residents only
  • no anonymous users
  • reply to this post with your name and zip code
  • indicate that you are interested in all of the 4 books or put the titles you would be most interested in (if you already own some of them)
  • if you have a family friendly blog, feel free to leave a link to it
  • check back in a week for a note in the Welcome! area at the top for a link to the winners

P.S. Believe it or not, in the past I have drawn winners that never responded back with their shipping address. If you don't plan to check back in a week to see if you've won, please don't reply to this offer, Thanks!

The books-

This Momentary Marriage, John Piper

Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan

Justification and Regeneration, Charles Leiter

The Autobiography of George Muller


Sam said...

Sam Guzman 53188

I'm interested in all of the books except Justification and Regeneration because I already have it.

Chadwick said...

I'd like to enter for Pilgrim's Progress and This Momentary Marriage. Thanks!

Chadwick Banning 22911

David said...

I would be interested in Justification and Regeneration and this momentary marriage as I already have the other two.

My name is David Campbell and my zip is 76248.

my blog link is

Bro. John said...

I already have the George Mueller book but would love any of the others.

John Graves

M.F. Matters said...

Daniel Glavey
I am interested in all for books.
Although I have a blog I have just started it and have not been consistent.

Austin Ross said...

Austin Ross

These books look fantastic.

doulos1129 said...

Casey Heinemeyer
7260 Marcy st #3
Norfolk, VA 23505

Euaggelion said...

They all look like cool books. I have "Pilgrims Progress", but not the others. Thanks for the BLOG.

Payton Dooley

Multhaup said...

David Multhaup - 66762

I am interested in all four books. I don't own any of them. Thank-you very much!

KuliKen said...

Kenneth Kulig

I am interested in the autobiography on George Muller's life.

Jeremy said...

Jeremy Greenberg

This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

freejesus said...

brandon post

im interested in all the books, thanks for all you do brother, love the blog, very encouraging!

Joelseph said...


Joel Griffis


Joelseph said...

Oh yea, and I'm interested in all four books. :)


bljones said...

Bradley Jones 27107

I am interested in all of these books.

Also, thanks for doing this blog. It is a real answer to prayer. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Lautensack said...

Matthew Lautensack 38305

I am interested in all of the books save Justification and Regeneration.

jpeter said...

I would like the George Muller book, Thanks.

John Peter 89404

of-the-meadow said...

My name is Jessalyn, my zip code is 96753. I would be interested in all the books except Pilgrim's Progress (we have it and my daughter is reading it for school.) Thanks

yhoshua said...

I would like to be entered in for:
Pilgrim's Progress, This Momentary Marriage, and The Autobiography of George Muller.

Thanks for doing these giveaways!

thelowercase said...

this momentary marriage

stephen cavness

The Cooke Family said...

I already have Justification and Regeneration, and Pilgrim's Progress. I am interested in the other 2!!


Dave Cooke

Jenn said...

Bill Harding 63935
Interesting in all.

These Crook's said...

i would like justification and regeneration but all would be fine, thanks

josh crook 82414

Jfranklin6 said...

Momentary Marriage and Pligrim's Progress please, I have the other two.

Joe Franklin 53142

Joshua Klein said...

I am interested in all but Pilgrim's Progress. I have that one. My most desired is the Regeneration book! Thanks. God Bless!
Joshua Klein

thoughts overflowing said...

Please enter me for The Momentary Marriage and Justification and Regeneraion.

Thanks and Blessings!
Beth Howard 47906

Gino said...

I am interested in all the books except for This Momentary Marriage as I have that one.

Gino Curcuruto