Monday, December 8, 2008

DFW, TX area folks- Grace To You Cassettes

Last year when my local church moved to our new building, I eagerly took home several (thousands) Grace to You audio tapes that they were going to throw out. Fast forward to last month, with Grace to You's change to free sermon downloads, I no longer need the mountains of cassette tapes in my room and garage. There are way too many tapes for me to organize and ship, so I would rather find someone local to the DFW, TX area with a pickup truck who wants these to pick them up free of charge. I hate to throw these away, and I know that not everyone is using mp3's just yet, so if you or your church would like them please respond to this post or email me at

p.s. Most of them are recorded and individually labeled (book or series) onto blank tapes while the rest are the official white GTY tapes.

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