Monday, January 26, 2009

Calvinism & Arminianism Discussion

Despite the biased host, the following is an interesting and at times frustrating discussion between the Rev. Angus Stewart (Calvinist) and Rev. Timothy Ramsay (Arminian) . Discussions such as this can be helpful as we see the strengths and weaknesses of the various arguments presented.

This playlist is split into (11) 10-minute segments.

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Robert said...

I personally know Angus, and the guys they put up against him on Revelation TV have not got a hope! Angus (a Hyper Calvinist in the proper sense, he does not believe in the free offer, or in common grace)is well studied and makes mince meat out of these guys, he has also been on that channel debating the sign gifts of the New Testament with a Pentecostal guy, the outcome was the same.