Friday, March 20, 2009

Declaring War on The Sinner's Prayer


Pevensie15 said...

Was this audio excerpt taken out of the ten indictments sermon?

John Wesley is my favorite preacher!

Philip@ReformedVoices said...


Yes it does come from that message.
Thanks for stopping by!

Elijah's Mantle said...

I was a product of the sinner's prayer deception. I had said one in a church in 1994 and walked out the door with no change in my life or my heart. That very day I could blaspheme God and conviction was no where to be found. It took 12 years before I was led to the truth. God in all His mercy and grace led me to a man named Paul Washer and that humble man was used by God to speak the truth of God's Word in my life. In 2006 as I was on my knees in my living room floor crying out to God for 3 hours I was finally saved. I began on my knees and ended up on my face trembling before the Lord in anguish. Crying out for mercy for all the things I had done. It was not a sinner's prayer that saved me but a heart wrenching repentance and a realization that there is nothing good in me and hell was my home at that time. The Holy Spirit working through me at that time had brought me to the foot of the cross where I had to face the man I was and look upon my sin hanging there. Jesus did it for me and He can do it for you. I am the least of anyone. It is not because of how good I am but how wretched I am and without Jesus Christ I am nothing. I do not know if Paul Washer will ever know on this side of eternity how God has used him in my life at least, but in glory we will be with our Lord and King Jesus Christ and then I can tell Paul all about his sermons that led me to Christ. Thank you Paul Washer for your heart for God and obedience to Him. My prayers are always with you.