Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast Action Giveaway


Replies only reached to 21, so my plans for giving the books to replies 25 and 50 didn't quite work out.

I did hear from one of the original winners, and so I've decided to ship him his book (it's on the way Chris).

For the other book- Grace, God's Unmerited Favor, I just used the random number generator tool and it landed on reply #1 which was Carlo Provencio of California. Carlo happened to insert his entire shipping address into the post and so no email response is needed.

It's on the way Carlos!

Thanks for those that participated, I have a better way to do this in the future.


---end update---

I have a quick 1-day giveaway for you, so act now if you're interested!

Despite the p.s. note in the previous Spurgeon book giveaway that the winners would need to send me an email with their full shipping address, I still haven't heard back from 2 of the 5 winners. (I may try some sort of sign up form in the future so that I can contact you and your email stays private).

So I have decided to do a quick 1 day giveaway to get the remaining 2 books out to a good home.

The books are:
All of Grace by Spurgeon
Grace- God's Unmerited Favor by Spurgeon

The 25th person to comment on this post with their name and zip/postal code gets the book "All of Grace"


The 50th person to comment on this post with their name and zip/postal code gets the book "Grace- God's Unmerited Favor"


Don't be afraid to reply just because you see '0 comments'.
I'm not going to publish the comments until tomorrow night.



*no purchase necessary or shipping fees, that's on us ;)
*US residents only
*1 response per person only
*respond to this post with your name and zip code
*Be ready to email me within 5 days of drawing the winners, which will be announced tomorrow night some time- Wednesday April 30th.

p.s. Be on the lookout for a new John Newton-themed book giveaway for May. :)

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