Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monica Dennington Calls Calvinists to Repent, James White Responds


benjamindennis said...

I once liked Monica,... after growing in the faith, I have no idea why. Perhaps a little self-examination for Miss Dennison is in order?

KuliKen said...

This is disturbing and sad. I have heard the name "Dr. James White" often but his response here is very dissapointing. I mean, this whole Calvinism vs. Armenianism* thing is not just a game. We deal with God, and truth, and with real people who have eternal souls.

It is not right to joke or make fun of error, for that lady was certainly wrong in her teaching but if she is a sister in the faith, should we mock her? and if she is unregenerate, should we not then cry out for her and look with pity?

why is it that people are getting this totally wrong?? its about knowing God, its about having a relationship with Jesus... how many countless CHristians are there around the world who do not have access to a Bible? Yet the power of God abides on their lives greatly!

what are we doing people? this isnt a joke... these are real people, in real error. its not an intellectual mind game, these people need truth. i write this note with tears. i thought the response was totally sarcastic, wity, and cut off from an understanding of reality.

we dont need men who love arguing doctrine. we need men who are gripped with God and who love other people.

look at leonard ravenhill (a non calvinist)... and tell me you been in God's presence half the extent he has.

dear people, what a slap to God who gives grace. He saves the uneducated.

and if a brother or even an unregenerate man is to arrogantly oppose calvinism, you have no understanding of reality if you turn to oppose him with jokes and witty remarks. we are dealing with God, and we are dealing with real people here.

for those who would love to argue with others for the sake of argument, for those who love their intellectual truth, let me tell you this: the truth of sovereign election is of no use to you, it is of no importance in your life, throw it out the window. for you are twisted and wrong, and have NO IDEA of ANYTHING. you are not mature in the faith... but a babe, a know everything babe in the faith.

please friends, let's get this right. please.

Transparent Tulip said...

i guess you only post comments that are mature and for your posts, not mature and exhorting. i posted that the man on this video is not being humble in his evaluation of this women, whether others are right or wrong, we must be humble.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

Kuliken and Transparent Tulips, Since you have shown such concern, even with tears... would it not be better for you to consult with Dr. White over the sin you perceive in him rather than on this obscure blog post which he may never see?

Bruce said...

I'm sorry...that was just laughable! I don't know ANY "Calvinist" or Reformed person who believes the way she described. I read A LOT of reformed blogs, dead Calvinist guys and go to a Reformed Baptist Church and NO ONE holds John Calvin as a idol or in such high esteem that he would override the bible! In fact, while I follow the Doctrines of Grace as Calvin systematically laid out FROM SCRIPTURE... I do not ascribe to what he believes as far as eschatology. So what does that make me?

Her frustration comes from believing a caricature of a Calvinist. I know, because I used to believe the same thing! It was not until I studied it and realized that reformed theology was nothing like that I had been handed down. In fact, many things I struggled with finally made sense! Oh... and the only reason I started studying (not Calvinism in particular) was because I was trying to find out what was happening in my former church with all this crazy Rick Warren, Purpose Driven stuff. It lead me to the Holiness of God and the complete character of God (not just love)and, of course, His Sovereignty. I didn't even realize I was espousing Calvinistic beliefs until one day in Sunday school after pointing out that Eph. 2 says we are DEAD in our trespasses and sins, I was told I believed that because I was a Calvinist! Which, I vehemently denied!

By the way, Phillip, your blog has been a MAJOR source of reference, knowledge and growth during these last two plus years. But I have NEVER considered myself a follower of you (no offense, of's just you didn't live a perfect life, die for my sins and raise again! LOL :)) So, it is silly for her to carry on like that as if we are just so stupid (or maybe she thinks unregenerate) to know who Christ is and who a Bible teacher is.

But for the grace of God go I!

Sister Cin

wenwill said...

I think that the reason James White's response might seem disappointing to some is because Monica Dennington's original video against Calvinism didn't discuss any of the 5 Points, misinterpreted Scripture, and badly misrepresented Church history. As a debater, Dr. White is used to responding to arguments that have been carefully researched and laid out. Mrs. Dennington's video a rambling rant that lacked scholarship.

celeborn said...

when she were really one of our sister, this Monica Dennington, then why could she speak of herself like that? Had Holy Spirit already spoken to her or not?
See for yourselves please in Galatians, u will see that false teachers are not intended to be sister!

Craig French said...

I would have criticized her for trying to exercise authority when she is a member of the weaker sex...with an emaciated frame, bad highlights, and currently denies the Trinity and says the Holy Spirit is a woman.

Heather said...

Craig, I'm not sure whether she ever made the statements before this point, but the reason Dr White did not address them here is because likely, she had not so openly stated those things yet. Her "Holy Spirit is a woman" videos came in her series after this one. If her statements before that series did not give away that the woman was completely off, that series did. She set out to talk about the truth of the trinity, and just went from bad to worse, claiming 9 persons of God, and that the Holy Spirit was a woman, and all kinds of bizarre things.

On a separate note, I'm not sure why you make "weaker sex" a part of your word choice. You can't be talking about brawn, because brawn has nothing to do with preaching -- so it winds up sounding as though you're saying we're forbidden from the pulpit because we are, stupid, less human or more wicked? It's a term historically used offensively in just that manner. There is no question that it is biblically restricted of a woman to preach or hold authority over a man, this is part of the curse, and it also stands a symbol of Christ's headship over the church. But I hope you do not seek to dishonour to those of us who do attempt to be God honouring women, though quietly and with much humility, because of our gender! I hope you don't believe that all women are less human or more wicked than men, or intellectually depraved. Our lack of authority in the pulpit is replaced with our pain and labor in childbearing, which no man can do, and we remain a God-honouring, beautiful, persevering, wise complement to man and husband, not a weaker person. :)

I hope I have simply misunderstood you and that you were using the term jestfully -- even so, the connotation is inseparable and it is because of people who really do believe this way that others have gone the other extreme. Neither extreme is good, here -- A good, complentarian view is the most biblical way to go.

God bless!