Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Shack: A Denial of Christ's Penal Substitution

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Zach S. said...

My girlfriend and I were given "The Shack" by her mom. As she was describing one of the most important parts in the book to her, my heart was troubled as I could hear the unbiblical assumptions about God judging sinners. We have of course been reluctant to read this book, as would anyone who holds the Gospel dear to their hearts, and would read it only to understand another point of view. However, one thing about this video that I would have appreciated more, would have been to hear the author speak more, and maybe hear why he feels the way he does. Now I agree with everything the pastor was saying as he refuted the author's claims. I just would have liked to hear the author more. I think allowing the interviewees to speak for themselves, protects the integrity of the interview. Nowadays, people can edit everything and presenting things in a way to back their underlying assumptions, when the person who was interviewed was taken out of context. I am not saying that was going on, I just think it helps. Just my thoughts. Good video, disappointing to I should say.