Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dangers of Allegorical Interpretation

James White on Harold Camping.

"Allegorical interpretation has no way of communicating anything meaningful. The final arbiter of allegorical interpretation is the one who is practicing allegorical interpretation."
-James White

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M. Estrada said...

It sounds like you are "preaching" to a group of reformed leaders. Unfortunately, no opposition voice is present to debate with you. I am one who disagrees with your point of view. Allegorical interpretation, in my view, is valid. Do I think we are giving new insights from God into Scripture today? Yes, but these insights were always available to us. We just haven't applied ourselves. If we think, like you, that we don't receive new insights, then we are under the false delusion that we understand all of Scripture. Yes, of course there is a danger in deciding who has discovered these insights, just as there is a danger in listening to a preacher (like yourself) make applicable his/her interpretation of any one or more biblical text(s). But we can judge each case as they arise. I have a couple of allegorical interpretations that I am very much convinced of- interpretations that give us a different understanding of those particular texts than what we earlier had. I used "scripture to interpret scripture" (a reformed point of view) to arrive at these allegorical interpretations. If you are willing, I would be willing to present these interpretations for scrutiny, not by you, but rather by an audience, and allow them to decide whether or not allegorical interpretation has a place in biblical interpretation. Sincerely,

Matt Estrada