Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Doesn't God Save Everybody?


Guy said...

God not only gets the glory in salvation, but will be glorified for being the Righteous Judge against those whom He did not choose.

Either way - God will be glorified.

Thank you LORD for your mercy and Grace, Amen.

a helmet said...

We don't know whether God ulitmately really doesn't save everybody. When Jesus hung on the cross people where wondering whether God would save him. When He gave up the spirit, he was declared to have most definitely been rejected by God. We should be careful not to peer to deeply into the things to come. One time life and condemnation overtrumped death and curse.

Kurt said...

Couldn't God have punished the sins of all the ungodly on the cross. Thus bringing glory to himself as judge. I don't think u are any closer to an answer.

Go Share Your Faith said...

"We don't know whether God ultimately really doesn't save everybody"?

What bible have you been reading?