Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looking Unto Jesus

"I once heard a prelate say in his sermon, 'Stay with mother church, and mother church will take you to heaven.' That would be wonderful if it worked. We would then have just the task of getting the people into the church to get them all into Heaven. But God didn't say it that way, and God doesn't do it that way. We are not saved by looking to the church, wonderful organization that it is. We are not saved by looking to the preacher. He may be a worthy, able, and God-fearing man, but he is a dying sinner like all the poor mortals to whom he delivers God's message. We are not saved by looking to the members of the congregation; they are full of fault and frailty and shortcomings. We certainly are not saved by looking to ourselves; we are the weakest and frailest of all.

We are saved by looking unto Jesus. However weak we may be, He is strong. However lost we may be, He never loses the sense of direction. However full of sin and imperfection we may be, He is the One altogether lovely. However full of hopelessness and despair and death we may be, there is life everlasting in Him."
-W.A. Criswell

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