Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tim Challies Meets Rick Warren

Tim Challies on meeting Warren-

"I wondered, had I always been fair to Warren? As David and I spoke it suddenly dawned on me that Rick Warren is a real person. He isn’t a robot or a really clever computer who spits out books and sermons, but a real guy. And as a real guy, he is aware of some of the controversy that surrounds him—including reviews and articles written by the likes of me. And as I’ve often had to do in the past, I had to pause to consider whether I would say to Warren face-to-face what I’ve said about him in my reviews and articles. This is not to say that I’ve ever accused Warren of heresy or torturing kittens. But I have commented on the nature, the completeness of the gospel he preaches—surely a topic that is close to his heart."

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Lane Chaplin said...

As far as I'm concerned, Rick Warren preaches another Gospel. If Tim Challies doesn't recognize that 1) it's a false Gospel or 2) that a false Gospel isn't heresy (as indicated by his later comment about never accusing Warren of preaching heresy) then this continues to grow the already present concern I have about Challies' discernment.