Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel's Ignorance of Calvinism


Jay.M.Nair said...

James White does it again. Very good review of the ignorance fest. Thanks Philip for posting these videos on your site. RV is a great place to be.. Please add quotes or sermon links to Evangelist Rolfe Barnard.. especially his sermon.. The Recovery of the Gospel.. hope you have heard it..

John Sullivan said...

i essentially grew up spiritually on calvary chapel teaching.

coming out of a United Methodist background until I was 18, Calvary chapel was like a gateway drug to calvinism.

CC is usually really good and helpful (and i still listen to them for good illustrations where theyre right), but they have some clear ignorances on church history and books like 'the bondage of the will'.
i listened to Chuck Smith teach on the book of Acts. not bad. but he gets to the verse "as many as were appointed to eternal life believed", and says 'yeah... I really dont want to talk about that tonight. yeah.' and he moves on. this is Mr 'verse by verse! line upon line!' thats the one thing they preach more than anything else. and he skipped the verse.
that was the beginning of my skepticism of Calminianism.
John Piper and Mark Driscoll pulled me all the way over.

Adam said...

Just focus on Jesus an realize the bible speaks about both. People need to hear the gospel and we're acting like self-righteous Pharisees. Read Calvary Chapel Distinctives and stop bashing a man who is still in the race loving and serving Jesus, at 80 plus yrs old. Btw, I consider myself more reformed and believe in God's sovereignty BUT we still need to take the whole scripture into consideration, which refers to Arminian theology. C.C. Believes that the bible speaks about both. Let's minor in the minors and major in the majors please. Preach Jesus.

Webservant777 said...

Well said Adam, well said. Completely agree!