Saturday, October 24, 2009

Open-Air Open-Theism

There are a number of troubling views out there when it comes to the attributes and nature of God. Perhaps the most blasphemous is that of Open Theism.

Watch the video below to see Open Theism in action, with each point followed by a response from God's Word.

"If God knew that men were going to sin, he wouldn't create them!"
-Jesse Morrell, Open Theist and open-air preacher

You can read more about Open Theism in the article "Pastoral Implications of Open Theism" by Tom Ascol when you click here.


a helmet said...

I find the most blasphemous distortion of God's attributes is to make the Most Holy One the author of sin.

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

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jeff said...

I agree with you, "Helmet!"

Joshua said...

I'm a senior with Liberty University and we are using one of Elmer Towns' books entitled, "Theology For Today". Towns on one page declares the sovereignty of God and on the very next he denies with Open Theistic statement. Here is what he wrote:

"Since God is immutable, His decisions are irreversible or unchangeable. God will not get part way through His plan and then change the rules, nor will He change the ultimate destination of His plan... When all men sinned in Adam, God decided to provide a Saviour for all men."

Towns writes this as if God reacted to man's sin and was caught off guard. It's a real shame that Towns doesn't even know where he stands on this subject.