Friday, October 9, 2009

Paul Washer - Predestination and the Sovereignty of God

For those whom He foreknew... (Romans 8:29)

"Before the foundations of the earth He knew you, and it's not because He looked in some crystal ball, or down the corridors of time and saw you in the future.

The bible never speaks of a crystal ball, and it never speaks of corridors of time or God looking into a book that talks about the future... it never does. It never talks about God looking into the future.

God does not know the future because He's looked ahead and seen it... God knows the future because He's Lord over it, and directs every molecule, every fiber of being, every bit of matter towards the purpose He has ordained.

That is a God my friend.

Not a god who looks into the future and then reacts, not a god who makes choices based on choices of other men He's seen in the future.


A god who is The God and Lord and Author of the future."

-Paul Washer

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Eddie Eddings said...

Just listened to Paul Washer on Romans 8:28 -- and brother, I needed that! I am so thankful that that verse is in the Bible! It has been an anchor for me since my Christian life began. I never tire of hearing it preached, especially with the passion displayed by Paul. (Washer and the Apostle)