Friday, March 5, 2010

Help A Reader Looking For A Biblical Church

I recently received an email from a new reader who is looking for a solid Biblical Church. Some Founders-Friendly Churches in NJ can be found here. If you know of others close to the Atlantic City, NJ area, please reply to this post. Thanks!

"I was wondering if you had any listings for pastors or churches who teach the "true" Sovereignty of God by location? I live in Mays Landing NJ which is about 15 miles from Atlantic City. I have found far too many pastors who preach "easy believism" and who have succumbed to pragmatism and the ways of the modern world."


Ida said...

Dear brothers and sisters,

I'm in France now nearer Paris and I really need a biblical Church. I found many churches where emphasise was particularly on men but not on Jesus Christ. I really need to commit myself for God's Glory in a true biblical Church. I've already posted messages on others blog site such as Granted ministry one, but I didn't recieve any return until now. Please help me as far as you can. Thanks a lot for your consideration. May the Lord give you the grace to glorify His Holly Name in all what you're doing.

Do I need to give my contacts? if yes let me know and I will do so. Nonetheless here is my email

Saint said...

Hi Friend:

We're planting a new cross-cultural PCA church in the Ventnor Heights/Chelsea Heights area. We meet at my house on Tuesday nights at 7:00 and are currently going through Packer's 'Knowing God.' We are holding preview services once a month on a Sunday evening. We just had one two nights ago. Our next preview service is on June 27th at 6:30 at the Atlantic Chinese Aliance church building in Ventnor Heights. We'd love to have you visit sometime. write me at for more info.