Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rodeo Church?

Before coming to know and believe in the Doctrines of Grace a few years back, I attended a large Willow Creek modeled mega-church over a period of about a year. I witnessed things like the pastor coming on stage in a go-cart, another time dropping from the ceiling "Mission Impossible" style, and another time preaching while in a full blown superman costume. Who knows what goes on there today. Now days these kinds of "churches" are taking the entertainment factor to a whole new level.


parsonsipe said...

May God forgive them for this blasphemous inanity. To degrade the Bride of Christ and His sacrifice down to this ridiculous sideshow is simply sad. How I pray that the Church in America will return to Christ.

Morris Brooks said...

We were in a church once where the pastor rode in on a motorcycle with his motocross gear on.