Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shai Linne - Preaching The Gospel


michelk said...

Quite a new low for the reformed world. I would like to know how anyone thinking they are "reformed" could support this obvious compromise with the lowest element of American entertainment culture. As a parent I teach my children that rapp, rock and pop are not for the child of God. Rapp's origins are from the pit of the black gangster, druggy, welfare culture! What are you people thinking?!! Just before you call me a racist, rock music comes also from the 60's white, hippie, sex and drugs culture (though they say rock actually has its roots in black music and was popularized by men like Elvis). I want pure kids not "christianized" versions of the worldly heathen/hedonistic culture. What reformer would endorse such a thing? none. You know, the Reformers left the Roman Catholic church because they realized that it was shot through with paganism/heathenism. Looks like its time for a new Reformation!

Philip@ReformedVoices said...

Hi MichelK, thanks for stopping by. What part of the message did you disagree with?